Member Expectations

If you choose to be a part of CHEF, you do need to be committed to get support and be a support for other homeschooling moms.  Since we continually have a waiting list of families who desire or have the need for support, we ask that you be actively involved so as not to take a spot from another potential member.  We require you attend at least 6 of the 10 (60%) Mom’s Meetings as this is the best place to receive support and give support.    Most of the support is given and received at the monthly mom’s meetings.

We will have sign-up on the website for all the known activities at this time at the August and September meeting.   Before you become a member, we ask that you attend a field trip, park day or pool day AND a Mom’s Meeting.  This is to help ensure the group meets your needs and is a ‘good fit’ for your family.  We generally meet the 2nd Monday of each month, with just a few exceptions that will be announced.

The application will ask you to commit to help out with at least two activities.  This is so CHEF is not an undue burden on anyone and everyone pitches in to help in some way.  If you agree to head up the CHEF Recognition Night or participate on the field trip committee, these commitments will fulfill all your obligations for the year. If more opportunities arise throughout the year, as long as we have volunteers to help we can do them.  This is an active group, but it cannot work if everyone does not help out when a need arises.  Also, since we have been operating with a waiting list for the last six years, it is not advisable to be a part of CHEF and another support group.  We would ask that you choose one or the other unless there are extenuating circumstances.

As a group, we communicate almost exclusively via the CHEF website.  You need to make it a habit to check the website regularly so you can be aware of any issues or changes that may be happening with CHEF.  If you do not have access to the website, it will be close to impossible to know what is going on with the group, so please let us know if this is an issue so that we can help you make other arrangements to get that information.  If an e-mail requests a response, please be timely in responding.  It can be frustrating for those trying to make decisions if they do not get input from all the participants.  Please respond even if your response is ‘Not interested’ or ‘Don’t care.’ This way, the person making the decision at least knows that everyone has voiced their preferences.  The burden of keeping up with CHEF information is up to the members.  CHEF will provide the information in as timely a manner as we can, but it’s up to members to get, read, and respond to that information.

When you sign up for field trips, please remember to put the date and time on your calendar.  If you sign up to go you will be required to pay any monies if the field trip is a paid trip.  You can get someone to take your place, but it will be your responsibility to be reimbursed from the replacement family. Cancellation due to sickness is acceptable but you may still be responsible for any monies due.

We have a resource library which contains educational CDs, DVDs, and books among other things.

Our dues are $25 per year and they help cover the cost of renting facilities (or donations for the facilities), postage, supplies for end of year recognition night, and buying items for the resource library etc.  We also require that you read and agree to follow our “Purpose and Doctrinal Statement”, “Field Trip Guidelines”, “Georgia Law” (found in ) and the “CHEF Governing Guidelines.” If this is the type of support you desire, we would be happy to consider your membership application or put you on our waiting list.