About CHEF

CHEF was started in 1997 when several families had been put on a waiting list for the FCFE (Fellowship of Christian Family Educators) support group. Ruth Martin, then the president of FCFE, called the families about possibly starting a new group, rather than staying on a waiting list. She gave us suggestions on how to do things and we went from there. We are considered a ‘sister’ group to FCFE. The first year we had ten families, then six, then twenty. At that point, we decided not to allow more than twenty five families so that we don’t get so big that you can’t get to know each other. If membership is at the thirty family limit, other families inquiring about CHEF will be put on a waiting list if they so choose. Although it is difficult to turn away families, we acknowledge that there are other support groups out there that may allow more families, and if need be, we can contact Ruth Martin about starting another new group.